Okay, quick & dirty update:  I finished some old & new projects for my mom for Mother’s Day (Kertu socks and Aran Slippers) (she’s also getting the Trenza mitts).  Hedgerows are still languishing on the needles, as is St Brigid.   I cast on for Yarnissima’s May Mystery socks, Kiila, and have learned Judy’s Magic Cast On which is indeed very magical and clever.

Edited to add:  links for flickr pics are here and here

Kiila is a toe-up pattern.  The only other toe-up pattern I’ve started (not yet finished) is La Digitessa. After learning the Magic Cast On I’m 99% sure I’m going to frog what little I’ve done on La Digitessa and instead do her toe like I’m doing the toe for Kiila.  Much nicer & neater.

It’s just been so darn hot to work on St Brigid.  But I’ve not forgotten her.  I had taken a pic w/ me modeling my current progress, even posted it to Flickr,  but I looked so goofy in the photo I deleted it.

I’m really really thinking about taking a fair isle class — this one.  I’ve checked airfare and can get it for under $200.  I’m tempted, really tempted.