Regarding classes: I’m one of those people who, until I signed up for the Fair Isle workshop, have never taken a knitting class.

Taught several, yes; and I taught them how I’d like to have been presented the material (lots of resources for self study, lots of material in general).

I fall into ‘self taught, figure it out myself’ category (no surprise there, right?).

But I’m really looking forward to this workshop. I was warned it could be overwhelming — I hope so! Our only homework pre-class is to find images with colors that attract us.

Knitting Progress

I’ve made it through clue 3 on both my Kiila socks. They are most distinctly fraternal, not identical, twins. I don’t know if the difference is because I changed the stitch count on the 2nd sock or if, despite being the same dyelot, the color repeat length are a little different, or if it’s a combination of both. Regardless, I don’t want to frog them.

Since the next clue doesn’t come out til this Friday, I went ahead and cast on for the Helene socks using some old stash yarn (some very pretty Mountain Colours Weaver’s Quarters in Sagebrush, a nice warm light green). The top of the cuff is I-cord, from which you pick up the stitches for the leg of the sock — nifty. Not a tremendously stretchy edge but it certainly looks nice. You can find a link to the pattern PDF on Knitlob’s Lair (scroll down & look on the right).

I also finished the first Endpaper mitt last week.

Other stuff:

Check out Into the Desert and enter the contest for the lovely bracelet Sheila made! Also check out her gorgeous roses.