Until Rivendell I’d never bothered to block my socks.   No need.  They look good when you pull them on & they stretch out over your feet and legs.

However, as a sample for Gwen of Craft’s Meow, Rivendell needed to look good OFF a foot.  Thus, it needed to be blocked.

I didn’t have sock blockers and didn’t quite want to spend the $ right now on some nice wood ones (there are a lot of nice ones on Etsy).

However, I did have a flexible plastic cutting board (purchased awhile ago at Trader Joe’s), that was currently only used during soapmaking, that I was willing to sacrifice.  Using the template by Little Sesame Knits, I ended up with a lone plastic sock blocker that, while not pretty, works fine.

And of course, now that I’ve seen in person just how nicely a blocked sock photographs, I want to make some more blockers.