Here’s a pic of my Dad’s Day Socks (delivered Monday!) (but me modeling):

I’m currently working on socks for Curtis.  Here’s a pic of the (messed up) Knit Visualizer chart:

The fault was mine, not the program’s.  Can you find the mistake(s)?  It has to do with mirroring part of the pattern and not adjusting things afterwards.

I’m still working on my Anniversary Socks.  I’m using some Fiberphile (a new fave) merino in True Blood Heart.

I’m also trying to build up my shetland stash, and have some yarns up FSOT on Ravelry (check out my trade/sell page) that I’m more than happy to swap form Jamieson’s, J&S or Elemental Affects.

Here’s a pic of Helene….still haven’t cast on for the second yet.

Summer 2009 Knitting & Fiber Goals (mostly in order):

  • finish Curtis’ socks
  • finish Helene
  • finish Anniversary Socks
  • continue designing & then knit my Mollusca fair isle vest
  • design & knit some sort of top down, fitted tank/cami
  • finish St Brigid
  • spin 10-15minutes per day
  • wash all fiber that needs to be washed
  • dye fiber

New Poll:  on blogging

Check the sidebar.  Comments?  I use my blog for more than knitting, though I think of it as primarily a knitting blog.  I do think that Ravelry can fulfill just about everything I need for  keeping track of my knitting projects;  however, I have non-knitting friends who do look at this blog and wouldn’t see knitting stuff if I only posted project details on Ravelry.