From Random.Org:  3

Congrats Jackie!

Thank you for everyone who commented!

Here’s the breakdown (counting 1st choices only):

Now, one person couldn’t decide between Lizzie or Rivendell, and so I gave a point to each — but obviously it didn’t matter, those are both the front runners.

I think I’m with Samsara on using the Sundara Khaki over Cream for the Rivendell.  I  have knit one Rivendell (that sample for Craft’s Meow, check our her etsy shop here ) in a very luscious grape sorbet, so using the Sundara will be a change.

I’ve been really wanting to use my Woolen Rabbit but I think I agree with Shirley — Lizzy would be very pretty in the Koigu.

I should finish up Helene this weekend so will be casting on for either or both quite soon.