Knitalongs / KALs generally do not work for me.  (“Work for me” means I end up with an FO in a timely manner.)  Oh, I’ll get all excited, and cast on, but sooner or later something else seems to catch my interest or gains priority.  Am Kamin is one example.  I still love that sweater and would like to make it some day, but…..

However, knitting socks with the Sock Knitters Anonymous Ravelry group does work — I’ve finished 5 pairs of socks (Helene, Anniversary Socks, Dad’s Day Socks, Curtis Socks, and Kiila) since joining in May 2009.  I’ve used both longtime stash yarn and brand new yarn.  Kiila, being a mystery sock,  really sucked me in — I was easily able to keep up with the clues/installments and was interested to see how it came out.  I’ve been learning new cast ons, heels, toes, etc.  The Anniversary Socks I counted for both SKA and the June/July Fiberphile KAL (being a Nancy Bush pattern done with Fiberphile yarn).

I have three pairs to finish during August:  Lizzy, Rivendell, and Double Diamonds.  I’ve done one each of Lizzy and Rivendell and am about halfway through (or a little more) on my first Double Diamonds.  I’m also planning on starting a pair with some Fiberphile for the Aug/Sept KAL — one of the patterns from Chrissy Gardiner’s new book (which is a great resource, by the way).

Sweaters have been on the backburner, though I really want to start up with my Mollusca again — it’s just been so hot (relatively) that I’ve not wanted to drape myself with wool.  I also want to work again on St Brigid (even hotter and woolier though!).