Here’s Rivendell:

And here’s Double Diamonds:

I frogged the Sakura socks — they just were a little baggy with the conjunction of the weight of the  MCN, stitch count, and needle size.

Though I will cast on some socks or something small and portable — I’ve made my Christmas present spreadsheet (if you didn’t realize how type A/ anal I can be, well, now you know) and picked things out of my Rav favorites to correlate and thus have a plethora of small projects on which to start working — I’ve (finally!) picked up my St Brigid again.  It’s nice to be working on (relatively) larger needles again.  To recap, I’m doing it in the round, top down, v-necked, & fitted and have one and a partial main pattern repeats to do before finishing the body.  I’m planning on short-rowed, set-in sleeves.

After that I need to work on my Mollusca (from the Madrona Fair Isle workshop), and my Orcas Island Vest (using the yarn I purchased on our vacation).  I’m also thinking of doing some other designs around our trip, and have a rough idea on some sock designs.  I also did a preliminary sketch of the Orcas Island design.