I have, at this time, approximately 26 holiday gifts planned.  (Why not an exact number?  Well, I have a couple WIPs/UFOs that may end as Christmas presents too.)

  • 6 pairs of house socks
  • 7 hats
  • 1 pillow
  • 1 pair of slippers
  • 2 pairs of mittens
  • 6 pairs of fingerless mittens
  • 3 toys (Hansi Singh patterns, so cute)

2 of the 6 pairs of fingerless mittens are completed, and I’ve cast on for one of the hats.  I’d post pics but I’m not sure how often the recipients to be check the blog.  If you’re on Ravelry, though, you can check them out here and here.

The sea nettle I just finished was going to be one of the toys, but, cute as it is, it’s just so small:

Each slat on the cabinet door is about 1″.

Nearly all the patterns require worsted weight yarn (key for me to have any chance of timely completion)…and…I have enough suitable yarn in my stash to do all of them.

Note there are NO scarves on the list.  Nada.  Scarves, to me, are the most onerous, tedious time sucks imaginable, and in my own experience, non-knitters are just as impressed (if not more so) by socks and mittens.

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