…the violence of the lambs….Black Sheep!

Weresheep?  There sheep!  40 million of them.  And they’re hungry.

One memorable scene Dave couldn’t even watch, he buried his face in the couch.  (I was laughing so hard I was crying).  Then he sold my copy of the movie on eBay.

I think it’s a funny movie.  Lots of gore, lots of sheep jokes, lots of sheep puns.  Lots of really cute sheep (other than the mutant sheep).

Other movies I’ve seen recently and enjoyed:

Watchmen:  I like this much more than I anticipated I would.  Very dark.

Thelma and Louise:  an old favorite.  I, of course, sob at the end;  this time I sobbed whenever Jimmy was with Louise…especially when he leaves her in the cafe and knows he won’t see her again.

King Corn:  nothing I’d not already learned via Omnivore’s Dilemma and other books, but still engaging.  Two guys, upon learning that they are mostly corn (testing of their hair revealed corn as the primary protein source), plant an acre of corn and make a movie (investigating government subsidies, herbicides, feedlots, corn syrup manufacturing and more).

Would Would Jesus Buy?:  Follow Reverand Billy and his choir as they perform/protest at various stores, malls and Disneyland against rampant consumerism.

In Debt We Trust:  another anticonsumerism doc.  Not much new here either but still interesting.

The Garden:  about the South Central Los Angeles community garden.  Sad.  Corrupt politicians and greedy developers.  What’s new?

Anvil:  The Story of Anvil:  it’s one of those movies, that if it was a mockumentary, it’d be funny;  as it is, it’s just really sad.  They really aren’t that good of a band, not even after practicing for 20 odd years and making 13+ albums, but they have good hearts.