I’ve been a knitting fiend.

Dave commented:  “You really should do a really complicated sweater after all these little projects.”  I’ve been itching to finish St Brigid.  I also having been getting spinning urges.

October knitting goals, still to be completed:

  • self-designed man socks — these are for Dave.  75% done, expect to be done today *
  • PH’s mitts (may just frog & redo in a different pattern — I’m thinking these Rib & Cable mitts in blue & cream)

*unless I run out of yarn — Lamb’s Pride worsted in Old Sage — if I have to frog the toe & reknit the toes in a contrasting color that’s okay — but I’m not sure if I’ll have enough for that even.  I should just weigh it but denial is everything.

Completed in October:

You’ll notice I’ve done extra things besides those listed in my previous post.

Leaving me to finish before Christmas:

Some total cuteness: