I finished the Bronte mitts — they are extraordinarily soft & fuzzy & warm.  I finished Dave’s house socks (pictured in the previous post with Obi as a model).  I’ve cast on for an extra Christmas gift — Lau socks for Dave.  (He knows.)  I’m in progress on PH’s mitts, should be able to finish them by tomorrow.

Movies I’ve seen recently…..

Lars & the Real Girl — not a new movie, but I just saw it.  Totally sweet.

Coraline (NOT recommended for young kids at ALL) — very creepy

I.O.U.S.A. — like I wasn’t already freaked out enough by peak oil & global warming.  Still, very good, concise & nonpartisan.

State of Play (2009) — not great but definitely enjoyable.

The Wrestler — well, saw it a while ago, but very good.  Even Dave cried at the end.