I got to meet Thomas Keller!!!!

If you’re not a foodie, he’s one of the most renowned chefs in the world. French Laundry, Per Se, Bouchon (one just opened here in Los Angeles, woo hoo!)…..I’ve only eaten at Bouchon in Napa but oh it was so yummy.

Anyways, he was doing a signing of his new book at one of our local Borders this past Tuesday night.

He was so nice and gracious and very very tall and signed both my Bouchon cookbook and my Christmas present from Mel the new Ad Hoc cookbook and see the picture! and he laughed at my little jokes AND I WAS NOT AT ALL FANGIRL-ISH!

And then last night, Wednesday, we watched Top Chef (go Kevin!) and guess who was on it — yes THOMAS KELLER!

On the knitting front: I completed the Morgan driving cap from Knitty. The pattern is ingeniously designed, and I’m very please with the outcome, but boy, it’s a lot of counting. I don’t think a row goes by that you don’t have to count. It’s not a design where you can read your knitting, because the increases for the top of the hat (the bulk of the pattern) are placed fairly randomly.  (The good news is, if you’re off on one row, it’s not a big deal to make it up on the next.)

I’m not liking the Syncopated Rib Socks so much.  One is done, and I’ll finish the second, and nothing against the pattern, but I really do think I like cuff-down better than toe-up.    That’s just me.

I’m a little further along with Lau, also toe-up, but I’m liking it better.  It could be the yarn….I’m using some very pretty green Hazel Knits.  Maybe it’s not an issue of toe up vs cuff down, it’s just yarn choice….hmm.

I’ve started yet another Celtic Cap.  Buy this pattern.  It’s more than just a pattern, it’s an empowering tutorial, and all for the cost of a small mocha (if not cheaper).

On the topic of patterns:  Work & test-knitting continues on Dave Finally Gets His.  I hope to have the pattern out in early December on Ravelry.  Definitely a learning experience, this whole pattern-writing thing.