Holiday knitting continues, but is nearly complete.  It’d help if I didn’t keep adding to the list.

I made a new batch of yogurt yesterday, adding a bit of powdered milk.  Definitely more solid.

A new pattern, Klahhane Ridge Socks, is being test knit;  pics up on my project page.  I’m hoping to publish the pattern by early next week.  The fingerless gloves are still on the backburner, though I hope to get back to them, realistically, after Christmas (as well as the Dad’s Day socks).  I’m also doing a couple test knits for other designers — fingerless mittens & arm warmers.  The former I expect to give as a Christmas present.

Edited to add, just for some excitement:

Dave never told me about this, and who knows I how missed it:

Shark Breach off Sunset Beach

Now, this is a surfing beach, not a swimming beach, but I swim at Manhattan Beach (about 14 miles south, in the same bay i.e. Santa Monica Bay) and Zuma Beach (not too far north).