No surprise that I enjoy making resolutions (i.e. glorified goals).

I don’t always — well, let’s be honest, I rarely stick to them.  But I do enjoy the process of making them, the planning, the introspection.  Kind of like decluttering on a mental level.   I thoroughly acknowledge that my interests wax, wane, etc throughout the year, that new projects will undoubtedly catch my eye, that my work schedule and thus my time (or lack of it) to knit, or do other things, can wildly vary.

So, on that note, as of this moment:


  • publish 1-2 small patterns (socks, mittens, hats) per month
  • start holiday knitting earlier (though I was pleased with this year’s holiday knitting) so I have time for a bit of selfish knitting as well in between
  • finish St Brigid
  • design & knit my Madrona Mollusca vest
  • finsh all other WIPs (or frog them) (WIPs include Galileo Mitts, Polar Chullo, Lau socks, Bramble Mitts,  Endpaper mitts, Conwy socks, Hedgerow socks, Herbstlied, Canyonville, Seaweed Wrap, Cleopatra Wrap)  I can already say that these are pretty much in order of how I’ll address them.
  • knit from stash — if I absolutely must have, say, a certain shade of shetland yarn, either trade for it or sell something out of the stash to cover the cost

Spinning & Dyeing

  • process all raw fleeces
  • spin 10-15 minutes day minimum
  • play with dyeing & blending with the drumcarder

Other crafts & art

  • make stained glass lampshades (at least 2)
  • learn to sew a straight line with the sewing machine (pathetic, yes, I know)
  • paint once a week (either acrylics or watercolors)
  • make the Poetry Stones for Tonka, Kissa and Cecie (see this post from last October, still not done)


  • save seeds
  • learn how to can
  • try some new veggies
  • nurture our fruit trees
  • watering system for fruit trees and veggies (currently we simply hand water, not too efficient)


  • Work our way through (most of) the Bouchon & Ad Hoc cookbooks
  • waste less food
  • better meal planning


  • decrease energy usage (we’ve done most of the easy things, like changing out the light bulbs)
  • investigate grey water systems (now legal here!)
  • participate in the Hip Mountain Mama One Small Change challenge


  • lift weights 3x week, bicycle 2x week, run 3x week
  • hike/trail run 1x week

Obviously the more concrete resolutions have a better chance of success (at least with me) — with an open-ended goal how do you judge success?