It’s hard to come up with an idea for a small change.   We’ve done a fair amount of things already:

  1. solar panels
  2. tankless water heater
  3. tore up our lawn, replaced primarily with natives
  4. growing some of our own produce in earthboxes on the roof
  5. replaced nearly all bulbs with CFLs
  6. use cloth napkins instead of paper
  7. shop for produce at the FM
  8. buy meat & eggs at the FM (not always able to do so…perhaps that can be one thing to add to the to-do list, to do so exclusively)

One thing we’ve gotten a bit complacent about is electricity — though we produce more than we use,  we can cut back a bit in our usage.

So, for this month:

  1. turn off computer monitor when not in use, and preferentially use the laptop rather than the desktop (unless I need to use the desktop to use specific software)
  2. make sure we turn out lights when we leave the room
  3. unplug the deck lights, unless we’re actually up there at night  (I think they’re pretty, but how often do I look at them?)
  4. buy meat & eggs exclusively at the FM (we can get bison & chicken & chicken eggs at the Torrance FM)

Interested in the challenge?  Check out Hip Mountain Mama:  One Small Change.