….albeit not a very well paying job, it’s now a job.

I got a whiff of this when I did the 2009 Christmas knitting extravaganza. Knitting to a deadline, limited to things that, though I did pick out things I was fine knitting, weren’t possibly my first choice for that moment in time.

I’ve submitted some patterns for the KnitPicks Indie Designer Program, and am delighted to say they are definitely interested in them. They sent me yarn for one project, and color cards for help in planning another.

I received them today.

And of course, I’d blithely told them I could have the finished project back to them in 10 days from receipt of the yarn (planning on mailing flat rate priority).

So guess what I’m going to start working on now?

I have no idea when I’m going to finish the Galileo mitts and my Polar Chullo.


Anyways, I’m still getting over my cold; Dave finally showed symptoms today and is having to take off from work. (The administration at his high school specifically wants teachers to stay home if they are sick/feverish; even if he’d felt up to going in (which he didn’t, feeling weak as a newborn kitten), they wouldn’t’ve wanted him to come in.)

I got my sutures out yesterday. I’ll have a small scar, but my hair will cover it.

All the plants have new leafy growth; some more poppies are already blooming; I can see little flower buds on the various Ceanothus. We’re expecting a lot of rain next week, fantastic for the plants. I’ll try to get some good pics up in the next few weeks.