I realized I’d neglected updating this for February.

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January was supposed to be about turning off the computer monitor when not in use.  I hate to say I was not perfect, nor even 90, 80 or 70% good on this;  I’d guestimate about 50% success rate.  It’s still not yet a habit.  However, that’s better than not doing it at all…

Lights off when not in the room:  doing pretty well there (but that’s not quite a new habit, just reinforcing an old.)

The deck lights:  still on, but the other outdoor lights are off.

Meat & eggs:  did great.

For February:  with all the pattern designing, there’s a lot of printing, despite that I’m trying to work primarily on the computer.

I don’t want to say I’ll only print out ONE FINAL COPY, because that’s just not going to happen;  I’ll print out what I think is the final copy, then, despite countless times proofing it on the computer, I’ll still find another error or something wonky happened to the layout between Word and saving as a PDF etc.

But — for February (and beyond) I’m going to make a conscious effort to really decrease how many copies do get printed, and if I don’t need to reprint the entire thing, I won’t.  I do print double-sided, so will continue with that.