Before I forget, here’s the One Small Change update:

February’s goal was to reduce printer output (saving paper, ink, energy to run the printer, and $).  It may sound stupid but I discovered the draft option, which I used as possible (I did not use that as an excuse to print more;  rather, if I could use it, I did).  I can’t quantitate how well I did, since there’s not a set amount I print each month, but I was certainly very conscious of when I did print anything, and being so, I do think I did much less.

We did finally get the deck lights off.

March will be an experiment in making do:  for the next week (at least through Friday) with the exception of buying milk, no trips to the grocery store.  We’ll eat out of the garden, fridge, freezer & cupboards. (And no cheating by ordering take out.)  I’d like to try this once/month.  Considering we usually end up going to the grocery store multiple times per week, this is a big thing for us.

Here’s some garden eye candy, pics I took last week:

And here’s a pic of Yosemite Valley:

We were in Yosemite for the CVMA Spring Conference this past weekend;  it’s a yearly veterinary continuing education seminer that Dave & I have gone to since spring 2000 (I go to the lectures, he grades papers).  Lectures are generally til noon then we have the rest of the day to hike.  This year we hiked partway up the Upper Fall trail (we got to the point about the level of the snow cone/ base of the upper fall, stopping because the trail was too obliterated by snow pack) Friday afternoon, and to Vernal Falls and nearly to Clark Point via the Muir trail (having to turn around early because it was getting too late in the day and the trail was a bit treacherous) Saturday afternoon.

The weekend before last, of course, was Stitches West.  I drove to Pacific Grove Thursday, staying with friends, then to Stitches on Friday.  It was a long but productive day of networking.  I drove back to Pacific Grove Saturday a.m., hung out with my friends, then drove back home Sunday.   I came home with some great yarn to inspire me:  yak blends from Bijou Basin, fingering weight from Mackintosh Yarns, and some lovely sheepy sportweight wool from Blackwater Abbey.