…my dad’s in the hospital with pneumonia; he is getting better but has had a really rough time. He went in Wednesday a.m., spent a couple days in ICU, then a couple days in Intermediate Care, and is today being moved to the Cardio ward (he had heart issues secondary to his pneumonia). I flew out Saturday & will be flying home Wednesday.

Of course I’ve brought knitting. I’ve finished up one of the mitts with yarn from Stitches (pretty, pretty, pretty!), got as far as I could on the 2nd Mom sock (realized that I brought the extra yellow ball of yarn but not the red, which I need for the heel flap and toe — got up to the heel flap at least), and will be starting a new mitten design (to incorporate stranding and cabling oh my!). I’ve also brought (and worked on) some tech editing.

I’ve not commented recently on workouts — I did go for a nice run/walk this morning along Shoal Creek (right near the hospital). I’ve been flailing a bit regarding workouts and training, it’s been really hard to get into anything steady without having a race as a goal. (I was getting into a good routine before I bashed my head…then I bashed my head.)