In progress!

I met Marilyn from Black Water Abbey while at Stitches West, and went away with a skein each of their new sportweight in ecru and (oh I love this color so very much) indigo (which is lovely, lovely — indigo blue and hints of violet and hints of blue green in a subtle heather) and a request for fingerless mittens.

Here’s a tease of it:

I wish my pic showed the heathery variation in the indigo — but trust me, it’s there!

I’m thinking a multitude of options for this one…. It is all one piece, you cast on the undercuff, knit to the desired length, set aside, do your provisional cast on for the picot hem, knit away & then, when you fold that over & hem it, you also use the needles/stitches from the undercuff and do a k3tog.

Anyways, options-wise, you could do the mitten as I’m knitting it, the whole enchilda, or just do the picot/stranded portion as a wristwarmer, or skip that part altogether and just have a basic ribbed cuff & cabled mitt, or leave off the ribbed undercuff & just use the stranded portion & the cables….