The past 4 or 5 days I’ve immersed myself in starting to learn InDesign (specifically for pattern layout). Of course we just purchased CS4 about 2 months ago, and CS5 just came out (sigh). (I’m trying to console myself by the fact there are many, many resources for learning CS4 since it’s been around awhile.)

On the topic of resources….I’ve watched about 12 hrs of videos from (2 courses by separate people covering CS4 InDesign basics). I can’t believe I put off learning it so long — it’s amazing the control you have in laying out everything. I’ve gotten fairly adept with Word but there are things that kept driving me nuts when trying to lay out text, text boxes, pics, etc (and in all fairness, that’s not the primary function of Word — it’s a word processor, not a publishing program).

So, Don’t Fence Me In has been tested and, if I was going to use Word for the final, would be ready for a final proof. I’m actually going to publish it in InDesign, so I don’t expect it will be ready til later this week.

Multiple testers on working on the Sweetgrass Mitts.

One thing about which I’m totally excited yet forgot to post about is I’m now an associate member of the Association of Knitwear Designers.  They’ve totally revamped their site & its gorgeous.