is live!

Now that I’m getting more comfortable with InDesign I’m liking it much, much more than doing the same thing in Word.  At the very least, if you put something somewhere:  text box, picture, etc — it stays where you put it even if you change other things.  That was one of the biggest things driving me crazy in Word — I’d lay out my text, a photo, a text box, generally using text wrap tight, and then if I moved one thing, everything seemed to shift around (not in ways I wanted).

The bad thing is I now need to get acquainted with Photoshop and Illustrator.  I was getting a bit burnt out by the end of last week with all the videos (no matter how good they are).

Garden notes:  the original poppies in our yard have basically all gone to seed, keeping the mourning doves very happy.  However, with the little bit of rain we got recently, we do have new poppies coming up.  I know they can be perennials (but not, I don’t think, without extra water, which they won’t get) so it’ll be interesting to see how long they last.

The fava beans are done.  The monster kale plant on the side yard (kind of forgot about it) is absolutely crawling with little green bugs — it’s like a horror movie.  I was hoping to harvest the kale florets & cook those (I either read on someone’s blog or heard somewhere you can cook them like rapini), but I’m both literally and figuratively creeped out.

The plum trees have little fruits on them, as does the peach tree.  The big fig tree has figs (unfortunately our neighborhood crows usually get those before we do).  I love dried figs but am somewhat at a loss for what to do with fresh figs.  Suggestions?