Here they are!  and on Ravelry.

It seems like a lot in the last week or so (to me at least) but I don’t have anything else that’s going to be published in the short term.

I do have a list of projects, of course, that are in various stages, including some sweater & vest ideas, including some stranded knitting — yay!  I was looking over my published designs, and every single one has cables &/or traveling stitches — even the one pattern that has a stranded component (Adamson Mitts).

Yes, there’s also a distinct lack of lace. No, that’s probably not going to change any time soon.  I like including small lacy bits in some of the projects, but for whatever reason (I can actually think of several) lace as in shawls, stoles & scarves isn’t that appealing to me.

Those reasons?

  • You have to block it to really see what it’s going to look like.  I’ll admit, I like stopping & admiring my in progress knitting.  Even with things that look better with blocking, like stranded knitting, you can still get a decent idea of what’s going on.  Not so with a lot of lace.
  • If it’s a shawl or scarf, unless it’s a pattern where, for example, the stitch pattern is changing often, it’s a lot of repetition.  I like working on different sections of things (that’s why socks are so fun for me).
  • Even a scarf, let alone a shawl, can take a lot of yardage and time.  I’d rather put that time & yardage towards a sweater.
  • I don’t rarely wear shawls etc.  I have to remember & force myself.  I think I’ve worn my Lady Eleanor 2 or 3 times.  (I know, entrelac, but still a shawl/stole.  Only the pretty color repeats kept me going on that project.)  (Okay, I rarely get to wear sweaters, my handknit socks, mitts, hats etc, but we’ve already established I find those much more fun to knit.)

I’ve not designed any cowls yet;  I think they might be a good way to play with some scarf-like designs, including some lace.