Latvian Mittens: Traditional Designs & Techniques by Lizbeth Upitis. Schoolhouse Press, 1997. 90 pp incl 16 full color plates.

This book may be only 90 pages, but it’s 90 incredibly packed pages (both in English and Latvian). The information runs the gamut from cultural background, meaning of various common symbols/motifs, different regional examples, to intermediate to advanced knitting techniques.

Five patterns, each in its own chapter, highlighting regional differences, are presented as charts with additional line instructions. Brief instructions for different techniques (scalloped edges, fringe, etc) are included with the patterns that used them. There’s a one page index at the end of the book you can use to find these techniques if you’re going to use them independently.

Motif charts are available for the 92(!) mittens depicted on the color plates. If you’re comfortable designing your own mittens, or even just swapping out charts used in the other mittens, these are an incredible resource.

The color plates are serious eye candy for knitters.

I do have to say it’s not a book for beginner knitters except as inspiration. Not all the techniques are explained in the detail that some people may need — however, there are a lot of resources available, online and in other books — for techniques. But if you’re looking for inspiration, for motifs and techniques to use in your own patterns or to augment other patterns — or just love learning about the history of different knitting techniques — I think you’ll enjoy this book.

I purchased this book through Amazon; you can do so as well by clicking on the book cover above.

5/5 purrs! this is one that will have a permanent home in my library.