Mailed the swatches yesterday (of course forgetting to take pics first).   Two were lace swatches (one of Knit One, Crochet Too sock yarn, similar to this yarn,  the other of Rooster Merino DK ), one Aran inspired (Briggs & Little Tuffy in a lovely dark blue heather (Indigo)).  I wanted to try a few new stitch patterns and figured this was a good way to do so.

Book Reviews:  Does anyone have any requests?  You can check out my Ravelry library.  Although buying a lot of new books is not in my current budget, I do make good use of the many local libraries as well.   If it’s a book I have I’ll set it up as my next review;  if not, I’ll get to it as soon as I can acquire a copy.

Cooking:  I really, really just need to follow TK’s instructions for the quiche.

This time I thought it would be clever to try phyllo dough (fat free, yadda yadda) instead of the thick,  fat-laden tart crust.

I ended up with quiche batter all over the counter, as it snuck through the layers of phyllo dough and through the (very narrow) gaps of the springform pan.  I saved most of it and dumped it into an old pyrex baking/casserole dish.

So anyway, the ham & cheese egg custard casserole came out okay, a little salty, but okay.

I did make some pecan baklava that came out very tasty (recipe here).

Travel:  This weekend we’re going camping near Paso Robles.  We’re staying at Windrose Farm, an organic farm east of Paso Robles.  I’ve not car camped in quite a while so we’ll see how this goes.  The only thing we’re planned is attending a wine event at Four Vines late Saturday afternoon.  We’re thinking of going to Cambria Sunday (mostly beach stuff, hiking, not so much in town) but I may stop at Ball & Skein.  We also might go to Pinnacles National Monument late afternoon….depends on how tired we are & how much driving we want to do.  We’ve not been there & it looks very nice.  Anyone have any favorite hikes they’d like to share?