…from Hermosa Beach, not Paso Robles.  Dave is feeling better, but not well enough to camp.  But we may go up next weekend.

Regardless, it’s absolutely gorgeous here today.  Sunny, warm but with a nice cool breeze — I’m thinking sitting on the deck with a nice glass of wine sounds fabulous (Rose cooling in fridge:  Andrew Murray 2008 Sanglier).

Knitting-wise & design-wise, I’m finishing up the rewrite of Dave Finally Gets His.   The price on Ravelry will be increasing June 1st; if you’ve purchased the pattern through Ravelry prior to then you’ll get the updated version when it’s released.  (The version on KnitPicks, for light worsted only, is not changing in price, content or layout.)  I’m knitting up a pair as well to tuck away for a Christmas present.

I’m also working on some swatches for some proposals (IK, Twist Collective, and Three Irish Girls).

We went to the Farmer’s Market this morning (we try to go every Saturday morning, ideally by 9 a.m.-ish to beat the crowds). We bought peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, broccoli, apples, asparagus, some garlic cheddar cheese, and a sourdough baguette. Lunch was some of the cheese, a plum, cherries, blackberries, some bread, and some pecans.

Last week we got some frozen ground bison from the bison guy;  we’re planning on grilling bison burgers & asparagus for supper tonight.

I picked some peas & carrots from the roof Earthboxes.  I’m thinking of making a carrot & raisin salad to go with dinner.  (Forgot!  we also bought a bag of arugula (and eggs as well) at the market.)

Here’s an updated photo of our backyard.  My mom insists it’s not really a backyard (too small) but hey, it’s a landscaped bit of land at the back of the house.  What else is that called?  Granted, it’s the size of a typical side yard,  but it’s still our backyard.  (Our side yard, on the south side of the house, is actually much, much smaller.)  The plants (that have survived, which is most of them except the grasses that Rigel’s toxic urine killed) are happy.  The one in the foreground, a bumble bee figwort,  is actually a rare plant;  it’s extremely happy here.  It came with caterpillars (I’m assuming Chalcedon Checkerspots) though I’ve not seen any butterflies.  Rigel is not so fond of the caterpillars;  they must secrete something when annoyed, because when Rigel tried to sniff one that I was holding he immediately back away & barked at it.