I received the Pippin Black Water Abbey yarn yesterday and did a couple swatches today.  I’ve since played with the chart for the main motif & supporting cables, and I’m pretty happy with it.

I figure I have til Saturday to get as much done on it as possible before the new yarn arrives, and I have to really kick things into gear.

New yarn?

Yes!  I’m getting some 2 ply worsted in Haw from Marilyn at Black Water Abbey for a vest pattern for the Fall KnitCircus.    The original designer got injured and couldn’t finish their project (I don’t know who they are but I do hope they get better soon).  I, of course, decided that, although I can’t get a sweater done and in the mail in 2 weeks (it’s due June 21st) I can surely do a vest, and volunteered.

Hah!  I’m now a relief designer, not just a relief veterinarian!  Hah Haw! (No, it does not take much for me to amuse myself.) (NOTE:  As a relief vet, I fill in at veterinary clinics as needed.)

Anyways, I spent yesterday swatching like a mad woman, using and adapting different stitch patterns from Annie Maloney’s newest book, Aran Lace (review to follow), which I just picked up yesterday morning from Nancy.  I finally ended up with something I like, and it should be gorgeous in the Haw (if it’s not, it’s my fault, not the yarn!).

So, I will actually be doing a lot of knitting in the next few weeks;  and if a several other submissions go as planned, that knitting frenzy will extend through July.

As you can probably tell from the slightly manic tone of this post, I do enjoy this sort of craziness, though.

Other knitting & design stuff: the revised, updated & Indesign’d Dave Finally Gets His is up on Ravelry.

Cooking:  I made some cinnamon sweet bread today.  It’s tasty enough but it didn’t really rise well.  I don’t know why not.  The yeast (though stored well, frozen in the freezer in airtight canisters specifically purchased from the King Arthur catalog for that very purpose) is a little old, but it worked for the hot dog & hamburger buns.  Too cool in the kitchen?  Maybe, but I thought the bread machine takes care of that, being a little portable oven in & of itself.