The Black Water Abbey Haw was waiting for me when we got back from our whirlwind trip.

Trip:  Breakfast at Joe’s in Santa Barbara, beachcombing/hiking excursion at Montana de Oro (found a cool bone, ocean bleached, probably a sea lion humerus, gave it back to the ocean),  visit to Ball & Skein in Cambria, lunch at Robins, wine tasting at Villa Creek & Tablas Creek, playing with the wine vending machine thingy at Paso Wine Center (fun!), pitching the tent in the orchard at  Windrose Farm, lovely dinner & discussion with Bill & Barbara of Windrose, pretty stars, lots of sheep & veggies & dogs (Sophie, Bella & Louie) & cats, hiking around the farm in the morning, wine tasting at Turley (they open at 9 a.m.! if they’re open, it’s not too early to taste, right?), brunch at Farmstand 46 (a GOPHER stuck its head out right next to my chair, so cute, glossy chestnut fur, utterly fearless little varmint (visions of Caddyshack — I’d never seen a real gopher before), wine tasting (& barrel tasting!  superfun!) at Four Vines, then a visit on the way home at Loop & Leaf in Santa Barbara.  (Take a breath!)

Anyway, I worked on the Pippin vest during the drive to & from, but Monday a.m. I attacked Haw.

(Unfortunately neither piece has a real name yet, which is why I’m referring to them by colorway.)

I’m still working on the lower section of Haw, in the midst of the waist shaping.  (I’m about the same point in Pippin, too.)

I tend to like something noise-wise on in the background while I knit.  Movies work well because they’re long enough I’m not constantly messing with the remote, but I do have to get up every couple hours to switch them out.

  • Monday:  LOTR, all three movies, director’s cut.
  • Tuesday:  Casino Royale (Daniel Craig), Quantum of Solace, Great Escape.

Not quite sure what I’ll watch tomorrow.

Gardening:  Monday I picked  a bunch of tomatoes from the Cherokee Purple plant, and a small handful of yellow & red cherry tomatoes from the various volunteers in the raised bed by the parking space.  Delicious!  the cherry tomatoes were on the tart side, the Cherokee Purple were sweet.  We also ate the last of the snow peas/peas yesterday (along with some FM asparagus).  Dinner yesterday:  bison cube steak, gravy, millet, tomatoes, peas, asparagus.  Dinner tonight:  tomato & mozarella salad, bread, FM broccoli.