Okay, so here’s a list culled from the comments (and one tossed in their that I want to review, anyways):

  • Handknit Holidays: Knitting Year-Round for Christmas, Hanukkah and Solstice
  • Sock Innovation
  • Crazy Lace (not yet available anywhere close)
  • Book of Yarn
  • Judy Becker’s new book when it comes out in the fall
  • Cookie A.’s new book when it comes out in the fall
  • Think Outside the Sox (not yet available anywhere close)
  • Making Mathematics with Needlework; Ten Papers and Ten Projects (available at library, placed hold)
  • Power Cables (not yet available anywhere close)
  • The new Knitter’s Almanac that’s coming out for EZ’s 100th birthday
  • Knitting 24/7 (hmmm…available at the Torrance library….never been there & it’s very close (couple miles away)…ugh…checked the online catalog, the book is checked out & they charge $.75 to place a hold.  That sucks.  Nowhere else charges for holds.  If you don’t pick it up, yes, most will ding you, which I think is fair.  But to charge for placing a hold?)
  • Aran Lace

I have Sock Innovation, Handknit Holidays, Book of Yarn, and Aran Lace.  The rest I’ll have to get from one of my local libraries when & if they’re available.  WorldCat, if you use libraries, is very nifty to see which libraries do have copies.


I’ve been enjoying all the TNNA updates from various bloggers (and of course Jess & Casey’s HelloTNNA site).  Someone (sorry, scanned a bunch of blogs this a.m., can’t remember who, will update if I find out) noted lots of cables, lace, etc in the fashion show:  very happy to hear that!

I’m hoping to get the Twisted Mitts pattern out today or tomorrow;  I now have feedback from all my testers.