Sock Innovation by Cookie A. Interweave Press LLC, 2009. 144 pp.

I love Cookie A’s sock patterns — no surprise given that many of her patterns incorporate twisted stitches and I so adore that technique!  Her patterns are clever, well-written, and fun to knit.

Having said that, my favorite part of the book are the 50 odd pages she devotes to sock construction and design.

If you want to learn how to design cuff-down socks, this book is a very good reference.  She begins by addressing different basic cuff, heel, gusset and toe options, then continues with adapting stitch patterns, charting, converting stitch patterns from flat to in the round, stitch pattern layout, to finally putting everything together.

If you have absolutely no interest in designing your own pattern, you still get 15 gorgeous patterns of varying stitch styles (from lace to cables and twisted stitches) and difficulty.

All of the patterns are knitted cuff down. Kai Mai, with its lace pattern travelling diagonally across the foot, has the most unique construction (at the gusset).

All are offered in one size; comments on resizing are included with each pattern.  For example, she notes whether changes in size are best made by altering gauge rather than adding or subtracting stitches, or by adding or removing repeats.  Resizing some, such as Eunice, require resizing/changing the actual stitch pattern.

Stitch patterns are charted only;  every pattern has charts.

I would consider this an intermediate level book.  Nothing is particularly tricky or hard, if you work the pattern as written, but I don’t think I’d recommend any of these patterns for your first sock.

There is a fair amount of errata:  be sure to check this page before starting any patterns.

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I purchased the book last year from Amazon;  you can do so as well by clicking on the book cover above.