Well, I had to frog my Pippin.  Somehow I’d ended up with unequal amounts of ribbing on either side.  Duh.

I don’t know how I managed that:  whether it was too much car knitting, too much dropping stitches & reknitting back up as I made on the fly changes, who knows.  I tend to think it was the latter (which was often done while in the car). (I was the passenger, not driver.)

Of course I didn’t discover this until today, when I was doublechecking my redistribution of stitches for the front & back after the vikkel braid.  Before the vikkel = pattern;  after the vikkel = stockinette;  there was to be 4″ of stockinette prior to the armhole shaping, and I was about 1.5″ into the stockinette.

Yep, I was pretty far along.

The good news is I was thinking this pattern would be better from the top down.

Which it now will be.

*Plus all the knit & reknit areas will look much, much better not being knit & reknit, but rather just knit correctly once.