Pippin’s shoulder straps are pretty darn cute. That’s all I’ve knit on it today so far. I did spend the last day re-drafting the pattern as top down rather than bottom up. I’m hoping to get as much knitting done as possible through this weekend (sound familiar?) before the yarn for the next patterns arrives.  This pattern has more stockinette than the Haw vest, so it should (famous last words) be faster to knit….

And the next patterns?

Emily and Zylphia, coming in late September from The Sanguine Gryphon for their Steampunk themed Fall line!

Emily is a skirt, a mix of practical wool (Traveller) and silky lace (Gaia), seriousness and flounce all in one piece.

Zylphia (love that name;  I found it on one of those name lists websites) is just romantic: a lacy bottom-up yoked pullover knit in Eidos.