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Relaxing Before Back into the Fray.

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On relaxing:  We just got the Xbox 360 and had it installed/hardwired into our existing entertainment set up & FIOS internet access (the latter occurred while I was at Susanna’s Mittens Workshop, and apparently took about 5 hrs).  We saved up by skipping dinners out, selling stuff on Craigslist & eBay, etc.  Dave really wanted it for the games, whereas I wanted to be able to stream Netflix (which, BTW, works beautifully).  (Dave also likes Last FM;  I prefer Pandora, which of course Xbox doesn’t do, but I’ve not gone into Last FM to really tweak the preferences yet.)

We got Bioshock for our first game, with the intent of later playing Bioshock 2.  It’s really nifty;  I love all the Art Deco motifs.  Dave and I play it together.

How, you may ask?

Simple — he mans the controller and I scream excitedly, telling him what to do.  I may not be very handy with the controller, but I am very good at telling him what to do.  (Whether or not he chooses to listen or comply is another story.)  Regardless, we really are having a lot of fun with it.  I do have a pretty good eye for finding things, though I hate it when the Splicers (bad guys/gals) sneak up on you, and you turn around, and THERE THEY ARE quietly waiting to kill your character.  They don’t do that often, but I don’t like it one bit when they do.

Knitting updates:

In the works: a mitten pattern, a hat pattern, and another sweater; and I’m not forgetting the Pippin vest.

Promised teaser pics!

Zylphia is a 3/4 sleeve sweater in Eidos; Emily is done in Traveller and Gaia Lace.