Today Rosemary and I joined members of the local SnB on a knitting cruise around Alamitos Bay.

Basically, we had a lovely couple hours toodling around the bay in one of the ‘party boats’, knitting and snacking on all the goodies everyone brought (Rosemary made pasta salad, I made bruschetta (using some homegrown tomatoes & garlic as well as some FM tomatoes), Mary made brownies, Kim made some very tasty cheese pepper dip, other yummy stuff brought by others too!).  Sarah and Sam brought some wine to round everything out.

The cruises are booked through Alamitos Bay Yarn Company, and are $15/person  — quite a bargain for some nice ocean breezes, good company & dedicated knitting time!

I worked on Winter;  Rosemary worked on her Jane Thornley scarf.

I just received a couple books to review — look for a review of Veronik Avery’s Knitting 24/7 in the next day or two!