One thing about being self employed is that you set your own hours & days.  As a relief vet, of course, if I take a job at a clinic, the hours I’m there are dictated by their needs.  As a tech editor, I work on jobs as I have them, regardless of the day of week or time of day.  As a knitting pattern designer, I’m either working on designs on a deadline for other publications, designs to be self published (looser deadlines as they’re self-set), or the myriad of other tasks that go with actually hoping to make a bit of money from this job.

Of course, this means if I’m not at a vet job that I feel like I should be constantly working on something.

Which means there’s often little distinction for me between weekday and weekend, especially over the summer, since Dave’s on summer break from teaching.

This weekend I’m working some more on the Winter sweater.  I’m nearly finished with the waist decreases (working top down).  Teaser pic!

Regarding tech editing:  I can tell you. from the patterns that I’m tech editing for Sanguine Gryphon, there are some simply amazing Steampunk patterns coming out in less than a month.  I’ve been working on editing some incredible stranded socks, a really cool sculptural scarf, an awesome stranded hat (and coordinating armwarmers/mitts), and a simply elegant waistcoat.

We are taking a break Sunday (today), going up to Malibu Wines for a tasting & just hanging out (via Groupon).  I’m also making cinnamon rolls (made them before, they’re incredibly delicious) and we’re going for a run.  I’m not sure if those two things truly belong in one sentence, but the latter makes me feel a little less guilty about the former.

Of course I’ll be bringing the sweater with me.