Is it hot?

Is it not?

Is it rainy?

Is it dry?

Gah.  I don’t know what our weather’s doing.  I know the plants all loved the downpour yesterday, and it was definitely great bundle-up-&-knit weather.  Our front yard was incredibly fragrant, all sage-y.  But from sweltering to wearing sweaters in a week or so?

The dog doesn’t approve of rain.  Actually, he may not mind rain;  he just doesn’t want to go out in it.  (He also makes sure to walk around sprinkler spray, rather than through it, on walks.) This means, when he goes to the bathroom outside, he travels as little as possible to do his business.  I can’t really blame him.

It’s cloudy today with patchy bright blue skies. We’re not supposed to get any more rain any time soon.

I’m nearly recovered from the cold.  Still a bit of a sore throat & stuffiness.

I’ve been working on the Jack sweater.  It has cables (of course), and ruffles (new for me) and is worked bottom-up, in the round.  Short sleeved, scoop necked, fitted.

Upcoming in the next week or so:  Book review of  Brave New Knits, and an interview with Patti of Sweetgrass Wool.