This is the second of a short series on the design process.  You can read Part 1 here.

This is the checklist I use when I’m ready to self publish or when a pattern’s gone live (published elsewhere).

I do use this checklist.  I’m sure at some point I’ll change how I’ve arranged the blog, at which time this checklist will be updated, but it works for me.

Ready to Publish/Pattern Released

Create pattern page on Ravelry:

  • Include ‘front page info’:  sizes, yarn, gauge, skills needed, description, etc.  I have a template for this & for the blog.
  • Link my project to my pattern.
  • If test knit, request testers now link to pattern.
  • Add photos, request photos from testers if available.

Create pattern page on SunsetCat:

  • Gallery:  upload pictures into gallery.
  • Buy it Now button.
  • Front page info/description (using template mentioned above).

Ensure thumbnail pic on pertinent pattern type page  (ex. Mittens, Sweaters etc) & on sidebar:

  • Edit to 75×75 in Photoshop.
  • Media upload.
  • Add row to pertinent WP Reloaded table.
  • Edit sidebar widget.

Blog post:

  • Link to pattern page
  • Link to Rav page
  • Link to Yarn Co page
  • Pics, comments, notes, etc.


Post to various Ravelry Boards.

If Self-Published:

  • Upload to Ravelry pattern store, activate.
  • Upload to Patternfish.
  • If in conjunction with yarn company/indie dyer who will also be carrying:  email pattern PDF & contract.


There’s a ton of small things to do. It generally takes a couple hours to get all of the above done (all the little bloggy things are the most time consuming).