We’ve had several days straight of rain, and even some thunderstorms yesterday.  A loud crack of thunder caused me to yelp in surprise,  the dog to bark in excitement, and the cats to squall in dismay.  Rigel continued to bark at each subsequent thunder clap, tail wagging madly, making sure I noticed him, announcing, I suppose, that he heard the thunder and was letting me know.  He wasn’t scared, just excited.

The cats do, however, want to stay in bed.  Besides being masters of physics, time, and space, they also have a keen understanding of and ability to manipulate biochemistry.  For example, right now, they are exuding their ‘you want to stay in bed and cuddle with us because it’s cold and rainy‘ pheromones.

It’s working, to a certain extent;  I’m in bed with the laptop typing this instead of at the desktop computer.  And I did work on a tech edit and schematic before checking blogs and writing this, so it’s not like I’m just lounging (unlike them).

I actually welcome the rain;  our yard smells fantastic, all sage-y (I know I always mention this, but it’s true!), the plants green up, I don’t need to water the vegetables.  And of course, California, having had several years of drought, needs all the rain it can get.


Contest winner:  #34, Connie!  congrats, I’ll be contacting you ASAP for your snail mail address.  (Or, if you see this first, just go ahead & email me with your info.)


Work on Jack continues. Tarte is getting beaten into shape between my lovely tech editor and my equally lovely testers (sample was mailed off to Marilyn of Blackwater Abbey yesterday for her to bring to Stitches East). I’ll be doing a pretty pair of fingerless mitts for the Spring Knitcircus in Shelter (very excited to try this yarn!).  Still brainstorming ideas for the Sanguine Gryphon spring line.