…and a run!  Dave, Rigel & I went for a short run/walk this a.m.  We were intending on doing a 5k, but ended up a bit shorter because of a route change.  We didn’t realize that a pier to pier walk in support of the local schools was going on;  had we know, we probably would’ve done that.

Regardless, the Strand was really too crowded, so we ended up going through the neighborhood to the park at Gould & Valley (very exciting for Rigel, he saw two big fat squirrels that were chasing each other from tree to tree, including running down the trunks right in front of him) then back along the Green Belt to where we parked the car.  We didn’t go far and were pretty slow, but at least it was something.  And it’s just lovely out — cool breeze, bright blue skies.

The rest of the day is devoted to tech editing and knitting Jack.  I’ve separated for the armholes & am working on the front, nearly to the bottom of the neckline.  Goal today is to get at least the front & most of the back done, if not all the back.