I can definitely tell how busy I am by the number of times per week I post to the blog.  I try at an absolute minimum to post weekly (in which case I’m just squeaking this post in).

Ideally, I’d be able to stick to the schedule I was trying to establish:  one post each per week of the following:  WIPs/DIPs, interviews, gardening/food, and book reviews.  Sister Diane of CraftyPod had a whole podcast about planning your blog posts.  I’ve even downloaded one of the blog post planners, and filled it out.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I have time to do all of it (sigh).

Regardless, Jack is finished and is totally cute.  I can’t post a picture of the complete FO, but here’s a teaser pic (above).  Unfortunately it’s not showing the gorgeous vivid green of the yarn.

I’ve started the Shelter mitts.  I have to say I really like the scent of the yarn; it has kind of an herb-y, earthy odor to it.  The yarn is soft and squishy (not Malabrigo soft & squishy, but softer and squishier than you think it would feel, if that makes sense).  I’ve had to pluck out pieces of VM, but not an annoying amount:  just enough to remember that this yarn wasn’t subjected to chemicals to dissolve the VM.  It’s showing the lace cables beautifully: