I was cleaning up my bookmarks way too early this morning (Santa Ana winds are aggravating my allergies to the point I can’t sleep, AGH) and thought I’d share these links.

The Knitting Fiend has all sorts of useful online calculators.  Though I usually don’t use the exact results the calculator gives, they’re a fantastic starting point.  I especially use the decreasing and increasing calculators.

For calculating yarn amounts, I’ve plugged Kristen Ten Dyke’s method into my Excel spreadsheet.

For sketches for proposals, I usually use croquis — there’s a bunch here to choose from.  (I usually change the croquis to be a little shorter and a little heavier.)

The Josephine Mitts were my first beaded project.  I found this site from FluffyKnitterDEb invaluable for learning the crochet hook method.  I’m also intrigued by this technique from Vortex of Chaos, and may try using dental floss on my next project.  I ordered my teensy tiny crochet hooks from Earthfaire after having no  luck trying to find them at a local store.

Sizing is always an issue.  The CYCA charts are here.  The National Bureau of Standards chart is here.  I like Ysolda’s chart best– you can find it here.  For socks, check out this and this.  Shifting Stitches (Purple Sage Designs) has a great post here, including her men’s size charts.

And definitely, definitely check out Marnie’s tutorials.  I’ve since made my own excel spreadsheets, but I learned a lot by practicing with hers.  She also has extensive tutorials on Illustrator, charting with Excel, and more.

This may be cheating, referring to someone else’s page of links, but Knitfinder has a great list of resources here.