I’ve finished the Shelter mitts.  Less than 1 skein for a pair!  I’m really pleased with them.  I need to get some good photos today, then those go off in the mail to Knitcircus for the Spring Issue. I  really enjoyed working with this yarn. The pattern is simpler than many I do, but the mitts have a certain rustic elegance to which I’m quite drawn.  The main stitch pattern is from Annie Maloney’s Aran Lace — I’ve reviewed this book previously and can’t recommend it highly enough for your stitch dictionary library.

The mitts for Ennea are nearly done as well.  The pattern’s been looked at by a tech editor, I’ve revised it, and am knitting up the second mitt.  They’re totally different from the Shelter mitts — the yarn is an incredibly soft 2 ply fingering weight merino in a nearly solid colorway.  The stitch pattern for these is also from Aran Lace.

It’s been nice working on a couple smaller projects.  However, I’m also itching to start some more sweaters and vests.  Rising to the top of the DIP queue is a cardi in Black Water Abbey sport;  I’m planning on self publishing this one (it’ll be available through Black Water Abbey as well — hopefully in time for Madrona!) — which means I’ll be able to post more details & in-progress pics.  I’m also thinking I’d like to do an Aran vest that buttons (rather than a pullover vest).  I also have some ideas for a cami for Sustainable Fibers (a simple fitted cami with lace overlays) and a cami in Blue Sky Alpacas melange (same as the yarn for Sweet Cecily).

I’m still working on updating some of my old patterns.  One thing I’ve realized regarding designing:  there’s an endless to-do list, and it doesn’t just consist of dreaming up new designs.