Bayerische Sock

Bayerische Sock in Hazel Knits "Beach Glass"

These are all patterns that I’ve made at least once, and that I would love to knit again, or that I loved enough to knit more than once — even with all the other wonderful patterns out there.

Eunny Jang’s Bayerische Socks.  I knit my first pair a couple years ago, in Hazel Knits in Beach Glass.  Between the pattern and the yarn and the color, these are the socks I go to time and again. They were my first introduction to Bavarian twisted stitches — it was love at first stitch.

The Girl From Auntie’s Celtic Cable Cap.  I’ve made three four of these in various yarns.  I love the cabling.  I love that the pattern is a concise lesson in gauge and yarn substitution.  It’s a quick knit, too, great for gifts.  At $3, this pattern is a steal.

Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole.  You may’ve noticed I haven’t yet designed any shawls or scarves.  I just don’t really knit them.  I may try my hand at designing some sort of shawl in the future, but I’m having fun with mitts, vests and sweaters right now.   You may also have noticed my propensity towards solids, semi solids, tweeds and heathers, and the distinct shortage of variegated yarns in my stash.  Why, then, did I knit TWO Lady Eleanors?  Each of which consumes, easily, a sweater’s worth of (variegated) yarn?  For me, it was a perfect melding of pattern and yarn. The long color repeats of the Noro (I used Kureyon for both) matched perfectly with the entrelac.  It was just fun watching the play of colors across the squares.  (Plus, that was my first foray into entrelac, so it was fun learning a new technique, too.)

Lady Eleanor

Rosemary wearing her "Lady Eleanor"

Janel Laidman’s Rivendell Socks.  I’ve made 1.5 pairs.  I made my first Rivendell sock as a sample for Gwen of Craft’s Meow (she only needed one) then made my own pair with some gorgeous Sundara sock yarn.  These were just a really fun knit.