Gratuitous food pic.  This is of the quiche I made a couple weeks ago.  I started cutting into it before I took the picture, which is why the top looks a bit messy.  The second quiche, of which I can’t find the picture, made last week, was even better.  They’re too decadent to make more than once every few weeks.  Even that often is probably too often!

Today I’m going to bake a loaf of bread (in the bread machine, so this is a task that takes less than 10 minutes of my time) and do up a pot of french onion soup.  Cut up lots of onions, let them carmelize for, oh, about four hours.  Seriously.  Doing so makes the best onion soup EVER.  Farmer’s market bag of baby greens (the vendor knows we like arugula — “Spicy, right?” and he grabs a big handful of arugula and stuffs it on top), some fresh vinaigrette, voila, dinner.