Lots to catch up on!

The Malaga Cove Mitts, for Ennea Collective, were released last Friday.  These were a collaboration – Ann supplied the decadently gorgeous yarn and I designed the mitts.  I’ve mentioned before, though I do have a spinning wheel (a very nice one in fact) I can’t call myself a spinner yet.

Jack from Sanguine Gryphon should be released on later today or tomorrow.  There’ll be a big post with pics, I promise, when it’s released.  I’ve been tech editing a bunch of the winter pattern collection designs — from what I’ve seen from everyone else, it’s going to be a great collection.

One nice thing about self published patterns is that I can show in progress pics.

Here’s the Edie Cardi in progress.  This is both a slow & fast knit:  slow in that the row gauge is like 10 8 rows per inch, but fast in that it’s mostly stockinette stitch.  It’s good TV knitting punctuated by the cables.  The cables are a little tricky at first, but once you get the feel for them they’re not so bad.

Other designs I’m working on include a mittens ebook (soon to be released) (it’ll get it’s own post!), a fingerless mitts ebook featuring 1 skein SHELTER projects, a design for the Spring pattern line for Sanguine Gryphon, and a vest for Ennea Collective.

Other designs, finished but awaiting publication, include stranded mittens for the Icelandic Knitter, fingerless mitts for the spring Knitcircus, & a hat for Shannon Okey’s Fresh Designs series.

I’m not much for cotton or silk, which is too bad considering the climate in which I live.  This means I won’t be doing a lot of designing for summer.  However, it will allow me to really develop some fun fall & winter patterns.