Woot!  Doesn’t Pamela look lovely?  She also modeled Zylphia.

Lots of cable-y goodness and some fun ruffles.  The main portion of the sweater is in QED, which is soft and dense.  The color, Sceptical Chymist, is just luminous.  And I loved working with the Little Traveller for the ruffles.

It’s fitted; if you’d like a bit more ease, going up a size is a good option.  The cabled section (as well as the ribbing at the sides) is very stretchy.

This was another fun pattern line idea;  Gryphon and Sarah are fabulous about coming up with really nifty ideas.  (Do check out the other patterns here;  I got to tech edit several and they’re all incredible.)

I chose “Jack”, but not your typical Jack.  There’s some literalness to the pattern — I did want to play with a leaf & vine motif — but I also just wanted to play with cables.  I also liked the layered look of the ruffles under the main body of the sweater & sleeves — to me it’s a little like a bodice layered over a lightweight shirt, without all the layers.

Charles de Lint has long been one of my favorite authors.  Admittedly, his early novels don’t stand up to his more recent books — but we’re talking over 20 years of him honing his craft. Regardless, they’re still a lot of fun.  They’re also interesting as being the antecedents of today’s urban fantasy (think of all those books with  covers emblazoned with hot chicks, clad in leather and brandishing some sort of weapon, ready to take on the local master vampire, fae, or shapeshifter).

Anyhow, here’s the blurb:

Jacks – as in Jack the Giantkiller, Jack and the Beanstalk – are full of pluck and aided by luck. Charles de Lint, an award-winning author known for his urban fantasy novels, featured a Jack in two of his earliest novels.

Jacky Rowan, a formerly conservative, shy woman recently dumped by her boyfriend, embraces the otherworld just a sidestep away from our own and her role as a Giant-slaying, Swan-prince rescuing protector of Toronto and its human and Fae inhabitants.

This sweater, combining feminine ruffles and beanstalk-invoking cables and lace, is perfect for any feisty heroine.

Purchase here: The Sanguine Gryphon

See it here on Ravelry: Jack

  • Worked bottom up in one piece
  • Sized for XS-3X
  • Bust: 27.5 (31, 35.5, 39,43.5, 47, 51.5)”
  • Scoop neck
  • Waist shaping/darts
  • Short sleeves
  • Ruffles in a contrasting color at hem & sleeves
  • Sleeve stitches picked up around armholes
  • Sleeve cap formed by short rows
  • Ribbing at sides for additional shaping