Phew!  I survived my first TNNA!  My feet have recovered but were pretty darn sore after Monday, the last day.

I have to say I met some of the nicest people in person (some for the first time ever, some that I’ve just ‘known’ online).   I met some fantastic yarn company folks — Jeane deCoster of Elemental Affects, Jeanne Carver from Imperial Stock Ranch, Deb Accuardi & Stevanie Pico from Pico Accuardi, and more.  I also got to chat with Carl from Bijou Basin, and finally met his wife Eileen.

I also got to meet some awesome designers, some who I only ‘knew’ online before (Jill Wolcott, Kim Dolce, Kate Oates, Chris de Longpré, Melissa Goodale, Laura of Fiber Dreams) and some whom I’ve met briefly at other knitting related events (Anne Kuo Lukito of Crafty Diversions, Michelle Miller the Fickleknitter, Kira K).

I was introduced to some other gorgeous yarn.   I came home with a skein of  Anzula Cloud in Charcoal — it’s just dreamy. The Fibre Company has some wonderful yarns too; check out Kate Gagnon Osborn and Courtney Kelley’s book Vintage Modern Knits — it uses Fibre Company yarns and is just stunning.  I touched base briefly with the Madtosh people and the Pagewood Farm people (Pagewood is very local to me, based in San Pedro (port of Los Angeles)).

I met Anna of Unicorn Fibre.  I use their Wash & Rinse for blocking/washing & their Scour for fleeces, and really like their products.  Look for a giveaway on the blog sponsored by Unicorn in the next few weeks.

I introduced myself to Casey of Ravelry & he’s totally adorable in person.  He comes off a little shy & abashed  (of course that could’ve been due to me gushing about how grateful I am that he & Jess were so brilliant to come up with the whole idea of Ravelry).

I didn’t really talk to any of the big yarn companies.  One big lesson from this TNNA is that I need to come up with A PLAN regarding my designs and designing business.  I know that, right now, with me primarily self-publishing, the big yarn companies wouldn’t be interested in talking to me.  And honestly, my heart is with the smaller yarn companies.  So, besides working on Simone and some other various projects, I’m going to be writing up a business plan.

Random TNNA notes:  I have boot envy.  I have big very muscular calves and find it next to impossible to find boots that will fit me that are taller than ankle boots.  I saw SO MANY people wearing cute boots (styled with incredibly cute outfits).  Jealous, both of the ability to wear said boots and for being able to put together adorable outfits.  For me, stylish is when I wear heels, not flats, and really dressed up is if I’m not in jeans.