I’d like to explore more of our local parks and beaches, maybe find some nice waterfall hikes.

I joined the Runagogo challenge on Ravelry, which is to cover 100 miles in 3 months.  Biking, swimming, elliptical, walking, running — if the miles can be estimated/calculated, it counts.

I’d like to learn to make good bread from scratch, not just via the bread machine.  This is especially important because our bread machine flung itself off the counter while making its most recent loaf.  It’s still working, but the corner of the casing is broken & missing pieces.  You can see the cables going from the display to the guts of the machine.  The oven part itself is intact.

broken after suicide attempt

innards viewed through the broken bits

I’d like to try some of the recipes I’d cut out from various magazines;  if I’m going to bother to keep them I should try them to see if they’re worth keeping.

I’d like to learn how to cook dried beans so they get tender.  So far, despite trying various techniques, I’ve had little success. Any tips?

I’d like to learn how to can, and actually do it, with either my own produce or using gorgeous in-season ripe stuff from the Farmer’s Market (so I can enjoy it without guilt when it’s not in season).

On a totally different tangent, I’d like to learn how to sew.  I read the Green Apples blog, which used to be a knitting blog, but is now really a sewing blog.  She comes up with supercute outfits.  This goal was reinforced by my recent shopping excursion.  How hard can it be to find a brown and black herringbone skirt? Impossible.  But probably not if I could sew.

What are some of your nonknitting goals?