Leanne was kind enough to do a blog interview with me.  I’m returning the favor!

English or Continental?

Neither–Icelandic with the Norweign purl.

Circulars or DPNs?

Neither–straight all the way for me.

Wood/bamboo, metal, other?

Love bamboo, but I mostly use metal–um, something wrong there.

Pointy or blunt?


Toe up or cuff down?

The only socks I’ve ever knit were tube. Am I kicked off the island?

LOL! no, that’s okay! Top down or bottom up?

Definitely bottom up.

Seamless or seamed?

Love sewing seams–I know I’m strange.

Favorite FO?

Flowers for Mary (see above)–the design was simple (as are all my designs) but striking. I liked how it looked on me. The bodice was 4 x 4 rib topped by lazy lace. Sadly, it was wool. I washed it and it shrunk.

I did that with my first ever sweater. Great minds think alike! Favorite thing you’ve designed?

Baby sweaters…for the memories. I cared for babies in day care centres for many years.

Favorite type of item to knit?

Sweaters for me. I love to wear what I knit–and lap up the compliments.

Favorite yarn(s)?

Okay, this is sure to get me booted out of the club–if nothing else. I like acrylic/wool blends. I know, I know, everyone who’s anyone is working only with natural fibres. I’ve also been told that caring for natural fibres isn’t hard–for me it is. I like to toss my sweaters into the washer and the dryer. Please forgive me. I look, I touch, I admire but my heart belongs to acrylic/wool.

Favorite techniques?

I love working in the round on two straight needles, because it’s just so cool. However, the technique I use the most is three needle bind off.

And….Any design plans for the next year you care to discuss?

Officially, I closed my design business with the publication of my thriller–The Sweater Curse published by Decadent Publishing. Now, I have the joy of designing for me alone–hurray! Currently, I’m re-designing a cardigan, while writing a Young Adult adventure. Oh, yes, and of course, I’m working on the sequel to The Sweater Curse.

Thank you Stephannie and dear readers, I enjoyed visiting.

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