All the while, since my last WIP/DIP update, I’ve been working on the Ennea cardi.

Looking back through the blog, I can’t find that I mentioned I was nearly done with the body and decided I hated it and frogged it.  I know I tweeted about it.  Basically, I’d gotten to the point I was thinking I could finish it, photograph it then frog it.  Not a good place to be in.  I restarted it the day before Madrona, and brought it with me to Madrona.

It’s much more cable-y now. It’s also top down instead of bottom up.

Note:  I started this blog post a couple days ago.  Note the changes below.

I’m on I was on the waist section and have had another inch or so before starting the hip shaping.  I (still) need to get the pattern written up and sent to Anne, who’s going to whip up a sample for Ennea.

I feel this project is cursed.  I keep making spreadsheet errors (or, rather, I think I made them while sick & didn’t pick up on them).  Regardless, it’s frogged again back to right before the armhole shaping.

And I’m taking a break from it until early next week, with Anne’s (of Ennea Collective) blessing (in response to my email to her entitled “Ready to Scream”).

The cables are gorgeous, the yarn is sheepy and rustic, so I know I’ll love it when I’m done (if I don’t bear a grudge against it (bear a grudge against an inanimate object? how irrational!)).

Other Projects

Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton in Island Blue

I’m doing a summer top for KnitCircus.  Awaiting for me when I returned home from Madrona were ten gorgeous skeins of Skinny Cotton in Island Blue from Blue Sky Alpacas.

I’ve written up a rough draft of the pattern, charted the lace repeats, doublechecked my numbers as if it weren’t my pattern and I was doing a tech edit, swatched, and, last night, cast on.

Think summery, swing-y, lacy, feminine.

So far it’s all going well. Although I’d probably be a little better off with blunter needle (I’m using my new US3 Signatures), the yarn isn’t too splitty. I don’t knit often with in cotton, which is really rather silly, considering the climate in which I live. If I enjoy this process, expect to see more summer tops.

Bugga! Karner's Blue

Also awaiting was a skein of Bugga! in Karner’s Blue (it arrived the day after I left for Madrona).  I think it’s the prettiest deep blues I’ve ever seen.  I can’t wait to start the Zylphia cowl.  I need to get a rough draft of this going this weekend as well, even if I don’t cast on for it.

The business/design year plan is still in progress, but it is progressing.  I’m trying to come up with a working list of the projects I want to do, what yarn I’ll use, and a timeframe.  The latter will be trickiest.

Yet More Projects

I’m at the tail end of an online class from Sister Diane of Craftypod on…online classes.  I’m thinking of doing some classes for newbie designers.  I’d like to do a class on “Creating Your Style Guide”  — it seems there’s a lot of confusion regarding style guides.  What sorts of things would you like to learn? doesn’t have to be design related, can be anything knitted related.